Monday, May 12, 2008

Handsome Boy

Joshua, "Mom, Do I look handsome? I tucked in my shirt so I would be handsome."

Some of you men won't see what is wrong with the picture.
Hawaiian shirt...pulled up white socks...roper slip boots...tucked in button down hawaiian shirt into shorts
It was even cuter when he had on the baseball helmet for an hour.
With all that said I told him...
Joshua you look very handsome and I am proud of you for getting the buttons right on the shirt.


  1. He is most definitely a handsome boy! I'd be proud if my middle child would wear clothes...any clothes...she's just in her "skivies" as I type right now. How old is too old for that??

  2. This picture is PRECIOUS! He is definitely a handsome boy. The footballs on the side of the socks are a nice touch as well. I am so glad you have a blog, cause I know anytime I need a laugh I can visit for something cute.

  3. Happy Birthday! Just in case Lucy asks this time, what kind of cake are you going to have?? (just kidding)

  4. From Lael's message and your sister's blog I have discovered it is your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Where is the list of all the things you love about yourself, have taught yourself, etc... I fly home May 29th and will be there through June 4th :)

  5. This is a dedication to Melissa on her birthday!!!

    5 things we have learned about Melissa!

    1) We learned that girls need to wear panty covers.

    2) You need to watch her closely during Bunko!

    3) Her life is more exciting than ours!

    4) Don't wear your good expensive clothes while eating around the Culwell Crew!

    5) She can talk all night long!

    5 things we like about Melissa!

    1) She is a great role model for those of us trying to be good christian women (except in bunko)!

    2) A smile is contagious!

    3) Always there when you need her!

    4) Always sees the good in everything!

    5) She is a GREAT FRIEND TO HAVE!

    You are a great person and friend LISSA! Thanks for being ours!!!

    Happy Birthday!
    Kevin and Anna

  6. Thanks Lael, Brooke and Tammy for the birthday wishes.

    Kevin and Anna way to go make a girl cry on her birthday...