Wednesday, May 7, 2008

funny stuff

This post isn't really about any one topic. It has been really kind of funny around here. I guess it is the great weather. Last night I heard the boys giggling and went to find them in bed. They were throwing the cat up on their beds. They were so interested how she was always landing on her feet. I got onto them and took the cat away. I don't know what is funnier, them or Cody's reaction. Cody was on call so when he called to check in I told him. He started laughing, he said "well...that is what boys do."

Then today on the way to Sonic for lunch, Maude and Joshua were discussing what they were going to eat. Popcorn chicken was what they decided on and then they started discussing popcorn chicken. Joshua's theory was that they put chickens in a popcorn machine, there you go. Never really thought about how they get popcorn chicken.

While we were at Sonic, Joshua decided to read all of the sat radio songs. It was a bit scary to hear him to rattle off all of the Nirvana and other songs he knew and could read. I am not a big music person so to hear a 5 year old know more than his mommy is a scary thing.

Then they asked me what a 'failure' was...
We are always trying to be positive with them that I could not think of a good way to describe failure to a 4 and 5 year old. All I could hear in my head was Cody...Cody tells Aidan if he fails at school then he will only be able to attend 'ut' and not be able to get into a real school. Sorry if I offended any of you 'ut' fans.

I just love that I am able to be a stay home mom or I would miss some of these great discussions.


  1. Those were great discussions. I agree, I would hate to miss out on some of the things Molly says. How blessed we are.
    I love the picture of your kiddos skipping away! So cute.

  2. Don't the best conversations always happen at Sonic?? That's funny.

    Also, I love the advice Cody gives Aidan about failing. I may borrow that.

  3. I loved reading about your children and their views on life. I will never see "popcorn chicken" again without thinking of their question. And I can just see the cat always landing on her feet as she was being tossed on to the beds.