Friday, January 2, 2009

Ahh a day at the spa to relax.....NOT

The guys in my family gave my sister, my mom, Maude and I a day at the spa for Christmas. So we headed out at 8:45 this morning for a day of relaxing. First mistake was not having Maude asleep earlier. She was too excited about going with us for the Girl's Day she could not go to sleep. It was well after 10 before she went to sleep. The spa was wonderful they pampered all of us. Maude had her nails, hair and make-up done. While the 3 of us had massages, mud wraps and some type of jet bath. The jet bath was not too relaxing for me the jets were so strong they kept shooting me out of the tub. We left the spa and that pretty much was the last part of relaxing I had. We went to Pei Wei to eat lunch when Maude had a major melt down. Maude and I had a little talk in the bathroom aka known as getting a spanking. Maude then announced in the bathroom with two other women that I had left a red mark on her and I was not being nice to her. We went out to join my mom and sister lunch was a little rocky but Maude finally settled down and we had a nice lunch. We shopped a little and then headed home. When we pulled up in the driveway Cody was leading Joshua into the house. I knew the look...Joshua was holding his head and there was blood dripping. I will just have to say when the 6 year old is giving directions of what kind of medical treatment he would like to have been injured way too much. He said he wanted glue not staples or stitches, just glue like when he climbed the palm tree and cut open his leg. Much against my better judgement we listened to him and dermabonded it. He is going strong and never cried about it when we glued it back together. Gotta love boys! I held it together it is getting easier for me every time we glue a kid back together. I didn't mention how it happened big brother tackled him. I think by Cody's description of the play Aidan would have gotten a penalty for horse collar tackle.
As we speak Maude is in giving her dolls a massage.


  1. Have no fear you will get to see me. I am in town until the 17th, we will for sure run into each other at a basketball game I am sure! Poor Joshua, he should go to med school, he won't ever have to study, he will have personal experiences in everything

  2. The "glue not staples or stitches" part made both Brad and me laugh out loud!! So funny!