Monday, January 12, 2009

no real title for this one...

She is really enjoying her time home with mommy...
Julie (little American doll) met Ahsoka (had to look up spelling on that one) today they had a lovely chat. It is so funny to watch how she makes all the star wars characters nice. Her new favorite movies are Chrissa (American Girl) and Star Wars Clone wars (needs no explanation).
As I am posting this Joshua is running around with a dog bone using it as a microphone singing "eeh eeeh eh All the girls say I am too fly for a white guy eh eeeh eh." Where does he learn these things?


  1. haha You guys definitely need to have your own reality show!

  2. I agree with Emily. I would be a VERY LOYAL viewer. Your kids never cease to amaze me and always bring a smile to my face...even when one won't go to bed. He is a persistant little fellow. I am so glad I got to keep them the other night, I had a blast and I'm even more proud that Maude likes me :)

  3. NOT from his music teacher! However, you have one smart boy! Today he knew what kind of weather most of Africa has and why! He said, "Well, it is warm on this continent because most of it is around the equator!" SMART KID! Love to have him in class.

    PS - We love Maude's dolls!

  4. Emily... I don't write half the things that happen fear of some moms thinking we are crazy and turning us in.
    Brooke... I love that Maude has fallen in love with you and talks about you all the time. I hate that you are about to leave.
    Mrs. M...I have no idea where he learned about Africa other than from you.

  5. I see interior design in Maude's future. I might need her help over here, since we've still got a lot of work to do in this new house...can she come spend the night soon? (and bring her whole family?)

  6. I know I was looking at your blog this morning and she was sitting here and she told me to stop on lucy's picture. then she went and got the camera and took a picture. 'I miss her'as she looked at her picture.

  7. Melissa... thank you for the free entertainment... yall are soo funny! I think my boys do funny things but I never can never retell the story as funny as you do.

    Also, it is a small world that you have family in Muleshoe...