Friday, January 16, 2009

What? Who me?

That is what I thought when she asked but then I said "ok." What was I thinking? Why would I commit to something as crazy as this? I thought if I it wrote down maybe I wouldn't back down. I was really excited when our New preacher and his wife arrived, now maybe not so much... I thought they would be a great couple to get people involved. Who knew they were going to make us get involved? We are taking a class called His Needs/Her Needs and now this... Our marriage will have to have this class to survive what she is getting me involved in.
Any Guesses?
Amanda you can't answer or Bruce


  1. We took the class several years ago when Trey and Lea taught it. Bruce and Amanda were in the class, but they had been married only a few months I think, so they were still in googoo gaagaa stage, they sat in the back and held hands and gave each other "i love you looks."
    The class was good for us though, we needed it at the time. Although some of the stuff works for some and not for others. The date night thing was really good, and we need to do more of it, we do some but not enough. Hang in there you will survive and you will be greatful that you took it, when it is over.

  2. oh we love the has been nice to renew some stuff.

  3. Well, it could be - I know - have another kid! JUST KIDDING!?!?!?

    I really think it might be - maybe, possibly - ski?

    Or - teach a ladies class?

    Or - go to Russia?

    Those are MY guesses!

  4. PS - the two girls are from Joe - this one will be Jim's first. :)

    And - I can't imagine!

  5. I know you are so excited we are here and all the new challanges we bring. We will have lots of fun training. Amanda

  6. i didn't training and fun could be categorized in the same sentence with this undertaking!!!!!

  7. oops!! i didn't KNOW!!jenn

  8. We will all have fun being in pain together. ha
    Just think of what we will acomplish. Amanda

  9. I'm not sure I wanna know!


  10. I have actually read the book "His Needs/Her Needs." Is the class based on that book? I thought that book was amazing!!