Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day with 4 year olds

A grew up with a girl named Cara. We went K-12th grade together. We were good friends through school and now our children are getting to grow up together. Marti and Joshua are in kindergarten together they probably won't be as close, you know the whole boy/girl thing but I hope Joshua is like a big brother for Marti. Today I got to keep the two little ones. They are best friends and I always love having her over because they play really well together. Well, today I couldn't decide to take them to Amarillo for a girl day or stay at home for a girl day. I wasn't motivated to get my shower to early so we had a day at home. I painted nails, curled hair, did make-up and found jewelry for them to wear. They giggled and told each other over and over how pretty one another looked. It was so sweet. They kept teasing that no one would know who they were when we went to lunch. As luck would have it, as we drove down the street my dad was outside. I pulled up to tell him 'hi'. Without telling him a word, his first words out of his mouth were "Who are these pretty girls in the back?"
Wouldn't it be fun to be 4 again? Lucky for me I have friends that sometimes make me feel like a kid again...


  1. Wish I would have still been home...I would have loved to spend the day with y'all. Tell the kids I say hi & miss them!

  2. I know your not talking about me!

  3. I just wish that curling my hair and putting on makeup and jewelry made me giggle. When did it become a dreaded chore?

    You are a FUN mom!

  4. Oh how sweet. Allie loved her day of beauty with yall. I had to beg her to let me wash her hair. Thanks for everything Cara