Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ok apparently the Post office lady has not met our son 'Joshua'
Because she was very surprised he was able to open a combination mail box today.
Me not so much...
Brother & Sister pretty impressed but not so much surprised...

Kenneth this one is for you...
Today we were at church getting ready for VBS and Joshua was running (you know the thing we as parents forbid him to do at church) when he fell pretty hard on the tile floor,(same floor he cracked the tooth on) Kenneth jumped. Joshua hopped up and said he was ok. Kenneth looked up and said "You didn't even flinch!" Later he fell once again all the kids came running to let us know that his knee was bleeding. He came hobbling in, same knee from the jump in Red River just tore the scab off. I failed to mention the the scrap he received in Red River was pretty deep. I guess from the impact jumping onto asphalt from 3 feet up onto your knee. So anyway the cut looked funny to me. I mentioned to Cody tonight it looked like you could see the bone no worries it is just to the fat layer now. So this is for you Kenneth I actually did flinch when Cody said "Oh that is ok it is just the fat sticking out."


  1. Gotta love being married to a doctor. Fat sticking out really isn't a big deal. I think it's kinda cool, wish I was there to see it. I know, medical people are strange when it comes to injuries. I worked 7 of the 10 days of wrestling camp, the 3 days I didn't work they had a dislocated patella, dislocated elbow and broken leg. I always miss the good stuff :(

  2. I remember when Jaxon fell and hit his head when he was about 3 years old. I thought the fat was his brains and I was trying to hold it in so he didn't lose any. Boy, have I learned a lot about cuts since then.