Monday, June 16, 2008


quick photo op

The kids are taking up golf this summer and it has been very interesting. Joshua now gets to have a real club. After hitting his sister in the eye with a iron we had not let him touch a real club in a couple of years. Aidan loves the game and plays pretty good for a 7 year old. On #5 today in the middle of Joshua's back swing on the tee he announced "Maude come look there is a ladybug next to my ball." Then preceded to out drive his brother by 4 feet. Did not sit well with Aidan...big surprise there. When we got up to the green Joshua said "Aidan your doing really good on this hole I bet you make a chicken." Eagle...chicken...birdie you know what really is the difference?
Maude only hits her big club off the pretty grass with her pink ball and pink tee and then sits in the cart until the next hole. My kind of girl, my golf game is lacking because I don't play when they play too crazy. With the rattle snakes and all I have to walk with them in the grass.
I have video of them playing golf last week still trying to figure out how to put it on the blog.