Wednesday, June 18, 2008

boys and the giggles

I just went into the boys room because the noise was floating into our living room. I don't mind them talking and giggling themselves to sleep but when it gets too loud and sleep is no were near, I usually go in. Well tonight I went in and they were bouncing on their beds and just giggling. I told them to lay down and turned the lights off that they had on. I quote to you exactly what I said "Boys if I hear another peep out of you the Red River trip is off and no one gets to go." Any guesses what happened next....You guessed it as I walked out the door and was shutting it, I heard a little voice say "peep" and then the giggles that come out your nose because you are trying not to laugh to hard that Mom gets mad all over again. I had a really hard time not laughing were they could hear me.


  1. Oh I just can't wait to have kids.

  2. Haha, be careful what you threaten, you don't want to ruin YOUR vacation as well ;) I can't wait to come back in July and hang out... I love your kids :)

  3. I thought this was very funny.

    Unrelated: I found this in the news. There is another little girl that shares a name with your daughter....
    "Leslie Mann, known most recently for "Knocked Up" prepared to depart from LAX with her daughter Maude Apatow."