Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The story of the bikes...
Aidan at the end of summer found a bike at Target for $79. He started saving money. Every time we went to Target we had to make sure the bike was still there. His birthday is next week, so Cody and I had decided we would get the bike for his birthday a couple of months ago. So now for the story...About a month ago he went for a sleep over at a friends house. The boy had gotten 'Rockband' and they stayed up until 2:00am playing. Well, Guess what Aidan wants now for his birthday? Yep 'Rockband', Cody and I told him he had to pick between bike and Rockband (with all the family going into buy)He opted for Rockband and he would keep saving for the bike. Well, today we drove buy our local Second Time Around (love this store) and there sat a bike almost identical to the $79 bike at Target. We went home got the piggy bank and went back. Aidan checked it out and Joshua found one that looks like a dirt bike they were both $27 a piece. They both just had to have them. So we went in and asked if we bought both bikes could we get them cheaper (Gotta love Financial Peace University www.daveramsey.com/fpu/home/ ). She said she could give both bikes together for $45, yep that is right $22.50 a piece. So we went back to the car and counted quarter after quarter. Aidan had plenty and paid for his, Joshua had $12 and will work for the rest of his before riding. They are so proud! Maude came in the house and asked for her piggy bank and wanted to go buy herself a bike. She still thinks quarters are to put over your eyes and act like a pirate.

Now onto to story #2
A couple of years ago we were at my parents house for dinner or something, I can't remember. I just remember my mom had about 15 cans and was making soup, she needed to go take a shower and left my dad and I in charge of opening the cans and dumping them in. Easy enough we are adults they are cans...When she came back we had not been able to open one can. She had this Pampered Chef can opener and we couldn't figure the thing out, we twisted and twisted and twisted and twisted but it never opened. Since then I have purchased one of these things and love it, now that I know how to work it. Well, tonight I was cooking dinner and looked over and Joshua (the 5 year old) had opened the can of olives and asked if I wanted one. I was stunned, tell me how a 5 year old can figure out the can opener and my dad and I struggled? Ok don't answer that! (Tammy, Matt and Trey, y'all especially can't answer that question)


  1. Love the bikes!
    The can opener is simple - Josh is a child - ergo he can open anything! Isn't it amazing what they can figure out!
    1) They are more observant than we think they are.
    2) They have no preconceived ideas about how things are "supposed" to work!

  2. I can't believe how big the boys are getting! Gotta love bargain shopping, it's the best. The story about Joshua and the can opener is hillarious. Aren't the Pampered Chef can openers the ones that don't leave the sharp edges? I had a tough time figuring that one out the first time I used it as well.

  3. Oh PLEASE let me comment ... I've got the perfect comment (okay, maybe it's best that I don't say it).

  4. Yes, please let us comment on this!!! Please, please please :)

  5. I am not afraid of you...
    The answer is easy, Joshua takes after his Aunt Tammy. :)