Saturday, March 8, 2008

1 in a Million

We always knew Cody's Mema was 1 in a Million but she went and proved it yesterday.
You want proof God is Real, here you go...
Yesterday morning Cody left for work at 7:00am and I was home getting Aidan ready for school when the phone rang. It was Cody's Dandy and he was in a panic he said "Mema might be having a heart attack!" I asked if he had called 911, he said "no" then I replied with "I am hanging up and calling 911" I called 911 and then Cody. The ambulance arrived and wanted to care flight her to Amarillo but she insisted on going to Tulia to her grandson (first sign). They arrived in Tulia were Cody did a chest x-ray and then her blood pressure started dropping to 77/33. He saw evidence of a dissecting aorta (a fatal condition if not treated within hours)( second sign that he caught that). She was air lifted to Northwest for a ct scan and it was confirmed. They were in surgery within a few hours. The surgeon that was on call that day was one of the only surgeons that knew how to do this rare surgery otherwise she would have been flown to Houston (third sign). She made it through surgery fine (fourth sign) and is going to be in a long recovery period. I was able to hold her hand today and talk with her she is very proud of her grandson for saving her life so proud we had to change the subject from him and go onto lighter subjects. Mema has been my Mema now for about 15 years, I love her with all of my heart. She never has a bad word to say about anyone and always has a smile and a hug. I love my talks that I get to have with her and have always been thankful she has taken me in as her granddaughter she treats me like one of her own. Please continue to pray for her during this long recovery period.
Some stats on how rare this condition is
3:1 men to women
age 45-60 she is 74
1 in 100,000
2000 reported cases a year
Amarillo's doctors and staff came to see the ct scan and her because they will probably not see another case like this for another 3 years.


  1. Cody,
    We think you are awesome and we are so proud of you. What an amazing doctor you are. Tulia is very fortunate to have you and our family is very blessed to have you also.
    Love you guys!

  2. Hey guys ~ first of all, thank you Lord for protecting Mema through this ordeal! Thank you for her decision in wanting to see Cody first and thank you for Cody's wisdom. Wow!! That is a story for all time! It's no wonder Mema couldn't stop talking about that wonderful grandson!! We will certainly keep Mema in our prayers. I ditto Tammy in saying how blessed Tulia and the Culwell/Colson family is to have Cody Culwell as a physician in their community. Mel, thanks for sharing! Please keep us posted on her recovery. Love to you all! The Pelczar's

  3. We will be praying that all goes well in her recovery and thanking the Lord for watching over her and giving her such a talented grandson. Tulia is truly blessed to have Cody.

  4. Lizzy and I are so glad that Mema and Dandy have family like you guys close by! You are definitely right that this was true sign that God is real and present in our lives. Mema and all of us in the family are blessed! Thanks for the update and we will see you guys soon.

  5. Wow...I agree with everyone, Tulia is so lucky to have such wonderful doctors on staff, especially Cody. I know Mema is very proud to call Cody her grandson (and you her granddaughter as well). I will keep her as well as the entire family in my prayers!

  6. God is good! What an amazing story. I will be praying for her. You can tell Cody that we are very proud to call him our doctor, too.

  7. Melissa,
    Thanks for the update. It is always great to here the story from the Dr. himself (or his wife). As soon as we heard on Friday morning lots of pray chains went to work praying. God is so amazing!

  8. Wow Melissa! What an awesome story...God is truly in control. I now have your blog on my reading list...We love you guys! John Scott and Paula