Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Aidan turns 7 today!
So here is a post about 7 things I love about Aidan and 7 things I have learned from him. On Joshua's Birthday I included his injuries but Aidan does not have 7 injuries.
7 things I love about Aidan
1. He loves God and Jesus and relies on Them.
2. His tender heart (he will cry when his siblings get hurt or trouble)
3. He likes everyone and makes friends with everyone.
4. His smile and with those eyes and eyelashes!
5. How he has been mischievous since he was a toddler.
6. How I don't have to worry about him, because I know he will make the right choice on most things.
7. He still holds my hand

7 things I have learned from Aidan
1. He not only looks like him but he is as smart as his Daddy
2. He tells me things and I always have to stop and think 'where did he learn that?'
3. That he is my first and I will make my parenting mistakes with him, and he will
be ok
4. That shyness is a great thing!
5. Everything should be fair and things can be thirded (3 kids)
6. If you say something with authority it will be right (Rock-o-mollie)
7. That Sour Cream can shoot 5 ft in the air and head 6 ft west in a solid stream.


  1. Great 7 list, hmmm I think that it may have to do with Aiden turning 7 does it?

  2. Happy Birthday Aidan!!!

    We love you!

    The Nashes

  3. Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite students! Happy 7th Birthday, fellow March-born Aidan!
    Love you, kiddo! Mrs. Moudy

  4. Happy Birthday Aidan!! I can't wait to play with you again - don't forget your hat :)

    (Kilian, Lucy & parents, too)