Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Chicken and Dumba-lows
1 box of chicken broth
several sticks of celery
sliced carrots
2 cans of canned biscuits (quartered)
one rotiressee chicken

boil broth, celery and carrots
add biscuits until they become dumba-lows
then add cooked chicken

Tonight we were eating dinner when Maude said she was only going to eat the chicken, celery and carrots she didn't like the other things. Then shortly after
Aidan asked for more dumplings. She popped up and said "Oh, I didn't know we were eating Chicken and dumba-lows, I love dumba-lows." Then she ate every bit. So now in the Culwell house we will eat chicken and dumba-lows. I wonder if rockamollie goes good with that?

I know some of you are stunned with the 2 blogs in 24 hours. Maude was diagnosed with Asthma a few weeks ago and started taking medicine at night to help her lungs. We have noticed a big change in her the past few days, very chatty. She has beautiful color in her face and lips. Isn't it amazing when you find out things like that, it makes you realize she hasn't been doing well for a couple of months now. Anyway I am not telling you that for a response but I may be blogging a lot with all of her new comments.


  1. Chiken and dumplins?? I can't even spell that, yuck! Ever watch the "Beverly Hillbillies", they have "Possum and dumplins"!

    Hey, Jake and I have issued a challenge to you on my blog. Lets talk about something cool CARS!!

  2. Melissa,
    I can't believe how big your kids have gotten, I miss being close to home and randomly running into y'all around town. They are definitely precious...and as for the chicken and dumplings, I am a huge fan of them, although never had carrots and celery in them. Hope things are great with you and your family