Friday, January 25, 2008


Black eyes and Disney Pictures
Maude's eye is to the yellow stage, so look real close to the left (her right eye).
Joshua's eye is not so much bruised as red and cut.
Notice in the Disney pictures the vary in cloths. Winter to shorts
Last but not least...Is it rude to stop a prayer when he starts praying for all the broken glass? When we finally got to the bottom of it, it was about all the broken glass from the tornado and he was praying thankgiving for no one getting hurt from it. Thanksgiving is always good even if it is almost a year later.


  1. Loved the pictures. We finally had to make Cooper start praying with his eyes closed, because he kept looking for things around the room to pray for ...

    And thank you for knives, feet, fans, pictures, pillows, paper, etc...

  2. We do that too... or Cody and I will cut in with whisper Jesus name amen