Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, we got back in last night after a long week in Orlando. We had a great time at Walt Disney World for 6 days. Cody and I are a little tired but the kids are still going strong. They did not want to go home yesterday they wanted to stay forever. Wouldn't you know that Orlando had the worst cold front come through in a few years the day we arrived. We left 16 degree weather so 35-40 didn't seem so bad. Typical for us, we make ever trip an adventure. When we were going through security for our flight out, you know were they make everyone take their shoes off, Cody bent down to put his shoes on when the security guard hit him in the eye with the gray tub you put your belongings in. I just pictured all of our Disney pictures with him and a black eye. It was just red/blue for the first day and then he was fine. I sat with Aidan and Maude on the way to Orlando and they were crazy with excitement. They kept me busy the whole time and Joshua was the perfect angel for Cody played his v-smile and never made a peep. Guess how the flight went on the way home...Same ole same Cody got Maude and Aidan, Maude slept for 3 hours and Aidan just played his v-smile never made a peep. Joshua was fine but how unfair. I will be putting pictures on the blog later, I have almost 500 to go through. The kids had a great time getting autographs and meeting all of the characters. It was a perfect age to take them and they can't wait to go back, next Christmas they think! Maybe a couple more years. Get ready Mimi and Granddad they think you are going with them.


  1. Oooh that sounds so fun. I tried to use your link to get to pictures a couple of times and have not had luck. I just get to see Mickey's arm going around in circles like a clock. That actually reminds me of a watch I used to have...I loved that watch...I wonder where it is?

  2. That is funny had the same watch Maude has been wearing it and it fits. My wrist is still the smallest thing on my body.