Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boogie man

Each night when I get in bed, I run through in my head that I shut the garage, locked the doors and kissed the kids good night. I had just begun to nod off when I heard this loud very loud thud. I jumped up thinking someone had broken into the house. (ok I know that is a little over board but when Cody is on call I am a little on edge.) I took my first step into the darkness when someone grabbed me. Then the boogie man started crying. With my heart racing, I almost punched this boogie man then I recognized the cry of Aidan. He had bad dream and was running to our room when he ran right smack into the wall with his head. I was more than happy for him to sleep with me, we both had been scared. Don't tell Cody that I slept with the boogie man last night.

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