Monday, January 28, 2008


We have toyed with the idea of giving our dog away. He has a problem with one of our children. You will never guess which one. Aidan and Maude love this dog and he tolerates them. Joshua however doesn't know the meaning of his growls. He has been bit through the lip because of this. A lady we know called Saturday and wanted the dog. So Sunday we were telling the kids that Baylor would be moving with a lady who didn't have anyone and how great this would be for her to have someone to come home to and really talking it up. Maude sat very sad and listened then she smiled and sweetly said "Can we just give her Joshua and then she would have a kid and be happy?"

She called tonight and said it wouldn't work out. So Baylor will stay for now...


  1. Ouch ... pets are part of the family. It's tough giving them away or giving them up. I did laugh at giving away Joshua. Funny stuff.

  2. Funny! Well - to answer your question about the possibility of giving Camille away...when very upset about something lately, Kilian has said he wanted to get rid of us and find a new family. (which doesn't last long). So, the ultimate compliment around the house these days is saying that you want to keep someone.

    We are about to start looking for a new dog - but we want a teeny tiny one this time.