Thursday, September 24, 2009

God and a 6 year old...

I haven't felt well for almost a week now. Just cold stuff but today Joshua came home and said his throat hurt. Tonight he said the teachers told them not to come to school if they didn't feel good (swine flu), so he didn't think he should. I said why don't we pray that we both feel better in the morning or we might have to go in and get tested (big q-tip up the nose). He was tested this past February so I thought it might perk him up to want to go to school. So I prayed that we would both be better by morning. When I said amen I opened my eyes to two big blue eyes. He said "You know God might just say be brave..." Man I love that kid!

Also for those who don't know Canadian was featured in the New York Times Newspaper this past week. There is a picture of Aidan in the slide show at the pep rally. So here is that link. It was a great story.


  1. Love that kid too.
    The Plainview paper ran the same article on the front page, but no pictures.
    Love, Mom

  2. Cheryl has been sick for 2 weeks! Been to the doctor TWICE, they have NEVER tested her for anything, just a shot and drugs. Might have to send her to Canadian to Cody.