Friday, October 9, 2009


I am very proud of our kids and their transition into the new schools. Earlier this week Maude and I were walking by the Principal's office.
Maude - My picture is on his wall!
Me - Really? Why?
Maude - Oh I got student of the week...
Sure enough she did but actually it is Kitten of the week.
Then today they have an end of six weeks awards. I went with Joshua and Maude to theirs and Cody went with Aidan to his. They have an attendance parade for the little ones. It was very cute. The high school band came and played. The parents clapped and the kids walked around the cafeteria through bubbles. Cody texted me that Aidan had received the Top Cat Award for third grade!! We had parent/teacher conferences this past week also to discuss report cards. Everyone is doing well. Joshua had a 100 average!! I don't think he will be able to beat that. His teacher also told us he was such a sweet boy and a really good helper with other students. So life is good in the Culwell house.


  1. Bragging is certainly allowed. It is obvious they all have good parenting! Congrats to all 3 Culwell kids.

  2. Glad they are doing well in school. Kyla has done really GREAT at NAZ, we are so glad we made that move, she is doing so much better, its a great school! Thinking about moving Dylan either at semester or next year.

  3. Tell Aidian, Josh and Maude great work! Good to hear from you. I was worried about you and the family.

  4. Great job! I'm glad to hear they are taking the move in stride...I know it was probably a bit stressful not knowing how it would go! You guys have definitely been a positive addition to Canadian!

  5. Yea for the Culwell Kids. They are a great bunch of kids. They would do great any place you guys went. Because they have such great parents.