Monday, September 21, 2009


Maude, Joshua and I walk to their school every morning. This morning Joshua's legs hurt going up the two staircases it takes to leave our front yard. Then about a block away he stopped and said his knee hurt. He has been eating us out of the house for about a week now. So I told him his bones were growing and that is why they were aching. He said "Well, I hope I stop growing by recess!"

There was lots of talk about the Texas Tech vs. ut game around town and in our house Saturday. So Maude was talking about the kids at school that wore ut shirts to school for college day. Then she stopped and asked "Is it ok that we are still friends with them even though they like ut?"


  1. You need to measure him next time you are at Mom and Dad's. Please tell Maude it is not okay. :)

  2. Haha I could hang out with your kids everyday. I think her daddy would tell her not to be friends with them!!