Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hmm... this could be our life

Many people consider it good luck if bird poop strikes you from above. The thought behind the superstition is that the odds of bird poop landing on your head are very slim – like winning the lottery.
What are the odds? Well, today while at the zoo a bird flew by and pooped on Joshua's head. You know what if it is going to happen it is going to happen to him.

We are still surviving in complete chaos but still surviving. Last Thursday we had a second going away party. Cody's grandmother suffered a mini stroke the same day and is home doing well. The boys first baseball game together. Friday/Saturday we had a garage sale. In the middle of that I took Joshua, I thought to get a cavity filled but ended up being a crown with a root canal and antibiotics. We squeezed dinner with Cody's family in Friday night. Sunday had a barbecue. Monday was surprised with GREAT friends with a wonderful lunch and movie. Tuesday zoo and back to the doctor with Maude, showed house tonight. The rest of the week looks just as busy. Hope to keep everyone updated with pictures soon. Stick with me through the crazy life I am sure something will pop up that will be very funny...

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  1. Hey Melissa! I am driving through Tulia next week and I wanted to call and see what you guys had going on. I know you are busy! But it's too late to call tonight and I'm afraid I'll forget tomorrow so call me if I do forget!
    Love ya,
    Sharla Higgins