Friday, May 8, 2009

Have a great Friday!

There are a few people we take stuff (cakeballs, cookies, door knob thingies and flowers) to every holiday. We have accumulated some different people over the past couple of years. Some are from church, some are from my meals on wheels route and some are from Cody telling us might need something. With all that said here is the story.
We gave flowers today for Mother's day. The kids usually do really well but it was a little hot outside today so they were a little cranky. They were going to do it all by themselves (they say I talk to much). So I was willing to let them go in by themselves. We had been to 3 homes and we were on our 4th, Maude didn't want to go in. So we were sitting in the car while the boys went in. They never returned. So I hopped out with Maude. When I stepped in there sat the boys on the floor holding the flowers watching t.v. and Mrs. So&so wasn't there. I asked the boys what they were doing. Without taking there eyes off Jeopardy they replied "She is in the bathtub, we were just waiting." So of course I asked how they knew that... Joshua replied "I went in there and saw her cloths" So I yelled from the door and sure enough she was in the tub, told her we would return not to rush and get out.
Also on a side note Joshua went and got candy out of her fridge before we left. He said "I know she would want us to have some."


  1. How funny! Good for you guys and all the very nice things you do for people. Tulia will certainly miss that, but Canadian will be blessed.

  2. I love that you have your kids so involved in that stuff! I know it is impacting their lives in such a huge way!! They also crack me up!