Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You have to be KIDDING ME!!!

My day hopefully not normal day...
Took 4 five year olds to preschool in Happy.
Did Meals on Wheels.
Had lunch with my mom
Picked up kids from Happy.
Picked up my kids dropped off preschoolers.
Got home had call on the house they wanted to see it in 30 minutes.
Put kids in shower
Dressed them for Music program
Sent them with my mom.
Showed house.
While showing house fixed the Baird girl's hair (mom out of town)
Took kids to Music Program
After Program talking with other parents then...
Aidan apparently fell while running (you know the thing we tell our kids not to do in building ref. church Joshua story tooth)
ER 5 stitches later
Sonic vanilla shake and burgers


  1. My life is so boring...and I'm pretty ok with that!!! I saw the pics on facebook and knew there had to be a blog with it!

  2. I am soooooo sorry! I can't even say it went off without a hitch.... since we have 5 new stitches. But they did great - before the fall.

  3. My favorite part is the blood all over his shirt!! Shows it was a good one! You should totally make a scrapbook of all their injuries!