Friday, February 20, 2009

Flat Stanley is on his way

Mattie and Eli he is on his way. We hope he doesn't act too wild! Take care of him.

My class can't wait to hear about were you live.

Love, Joshua

ps send a picture of him with you guys. He loves to take pictures.


  1. I LOVE FLAT STANLEY!!! I am so proud he is still traveling around!! I can't believe he has made it all these years. I remember he went to my cousins house in Haskell, their homecoming football game. He even caught one of those plastic footballs and brought it home! Good stuff!

  2. I agree with Emily....Flat Stanley is AMAZING!! Sadly, I can't remember where I Flat Stanley went, I think the same cousins that Emily sent Flat Stanley too---what can I say, our cousins were exciting people. Flat Stanley came and visited me (actually it was this cousin's daughter who sent me Flat Stanley) when I was in undergrad. He went to class with me and worked a Lady Raider Basketball game with me. Too bad I can't be Flat Stanley, I would love to visit places all over the world!