Tuesday, February 3, 2009

book orders

You know the ones...
Scholastic sends home with your children every other day it seems like. Well, last week Joshua and Maude both came home with book orders. I let the kids sit down individually and pick out a book from each order. Wrote them down on the little form. Joshua's order was due last week and Maude's was due this morning. In true fashion I was writing the check as she was getting out of the car this morning going into the school. When I added everything up I noticed a extra book and been marked. Someone had placed an additional order...hmmm.


  1. This is the post that should have been titled "sabotage". We must have at least a million scholastic books. We love them, too.

  2. I'm the mean mom that says nope, we'll go to the library instead! You're going to have to watch that sneaky little cutie!