Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Aidan was the one who added the books to the order...
Every night I ask them the best thing that happened at school. Last night Aidan said that he played with a friend of his at recess and he almost got the courage up to ask her to be his Valentine! He hoped to have it up by Friday and ask her then. Not what I thought I was going to hear.
Then there is Joshua of all our kids I never dreamed we would be in this position with him. I always thought if some kid picked on him he would clean his plate. Well, not so... There has been a boy that has bullied him for about a month now. We have been to talk to the teacher and now the principle. Cody told him to punch him, I told him if he did make it a good one and run. Great parenting I know. Well, he comes home yesterday and says "Mom, I talked to (kid) today in P.E. while we were running and asked him why he is always hitting me and saying mean things and then I asked if we could just be friends." Guess what? They are going to be friends...
So much for the bad dreams and the not wanting to go to school, he just fixed it himself. (let's hope)

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  1. Awww, that's so cute about Aidan, hopefully things workout for him. As for Josh, wow, he does have a little peacemaker in him. I think being friends is much better than punching him and running--and I think Coach McBroom will too! I'm starting to look for jobs, so far I have found several possibilities in the area :)