Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Perm

So I got a perm, what is the big deal? Much against my husband's request I went ahead and did it. I have received compliments even from Cody but the one I didn't expect came from Maude. I was laying down beside her Thursday night and she keep looking at my hair.
Finally she patted my head and said "Maybe you can go to Rosa tomorrow and she can fix this."
I replied "Rosa did this."
Sadly she replied "Ooooooh."
Then today in church she hopped up in my lap and kept patting my hair. Then whispered "I really don't like your hair, you need to make it straight again."
Who knew she had such an opinion?


  1. hmmm...wonder where she learned that.

  2. haha Post pics! I bet it looks great!

  3. I bet it looks great! I was thinking about getting one myself!

  4. I absolutely love your blogs about your children. I'm sure your hair looks wonderful--post a pic!