Sunday, September 14, 2008

ahh just another Sunday

Just another day in our lives...

Late to church: can't find the boys because they are outside in the alley looking for frogs and climbing fences in their church clothes.

Church fight: Joshua decides to draw pictures of Ashlyn (friend visiting) being attacked by a shark and then gets tickled at himself. I decide to put pencil up and he elbows my arm to prove his point, he is 5. So I try to take him out (note I am sitting in the middle of the pew,also to be noted I am wearing 3-4 inch heels) then he becomes dead weight and refuses to be taken out. Cody takes him out! Then Cody returns without Joshua, cool off period.

Attempt a nap: Lay down to hear the front door open and shut a million times. Maude's room is next to ours get to hear her drag out everything she owns. Joshua appears and rubs my back for a while. Still no sleep!

Game of Monkey football: Boys made up I guess... one in the middle is monkey he tries to get the ball. One hour of this game I didn't have to be monkey too often.

Let grass snake go into the wild: Let him out of the cage and he went under our house. Aidan cried he wanted to keep it forever. He later was satisfied by telling his sister that the snake would be crawling up through the floor vents.

Went to church: We actually I think made it on time and made it out without any major event.

Instant: Love the new word instant in our house. Why has no one ever mentioned that Idaho instant buttery mashed potatoes are pretty good? And soooooooo much quicker.

Bed: Where I belong as I am writing this... Where I hope all my children are as I write this...
Hope you had a great Sunday!

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  1. You day sounds like a lot more fun than mine--get up at 5, leave for airport at 5:30, leave Reno at 7:25, land in Vegas & leave there at 9:45, land in Kansas City about 2:15, finally get back to Columbia at 5:30, start laundry & clean house. Oh yeah, open training room at 6 in the morning, not excited at all!