Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 Quirks

I was tagged by Brooke and didn't even realize it. So here are 6 quirks about me.
1. I won't eat pointed french fries.
2. I don't really like ice cream (kind of a weird thing if you are a Culwell)
3. I can not go to sleep unless my feet are warm then once they are warm I stick them out of the covers.
4. I only watch the last episode of reality tv, I don't watch any until the last one.
5. Sleep till noon if I can, I don't really see this as a quirk but Cody told me it was one.
6. I have a lot of patience, I think that is a quirk in this day in age.
I tag Bruce/Amanda (so maybe they will start one), Tammy, Cara and Leigh.


  1. hmmm...going to have to really think about this one!

  2. You don't like ice cream?!?!?! That is sad. Just plain sad. haha