Saturday, August 9, 2008

last vacation of summer

One of the pictures is of the water park (The Great Wolf Lodge) we have been at for the past 3 days. We have had so much fun! The next picture is of Maude and what happens when you swim for 3 straight days. The boys took in a Rangers game the first night. They had so much fun. Maude and I went to American Girl this morning for breakfast to make things 'even'. We came with another family from Tulia and had a real good time with them. Aidan and Hannah paired off and we didn't see a whole lot of them. Joshua and Marti went together and the young two hung out with mom's for the most part. Cara and I enjoyed massages and I mean we enjoyed them, an hour away from water slides is relaxing enough in itself. We will be going strong for the next couple of weeks until school starts so this has been a real nice break. When I have more time I will post pictures that Aidan took they are pretty funny. Cody and I were cracking up looking through them. A 7 year old and a camera very interesting subjects.


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  2. I love the picture of Maude...she is so precious! I can't believe summer is nearly over :( even though it already is for me, volleyball started 2-a-days Saturday, so I officially have no life

  3. Wasn't Great Wolf WONDERFUL! We had a blast...I am jealous that you got to go with Cara and her family! How fun!!