Saturday, August 30, 2008

forgot to blog this one

Scroll down to Kid's Pictures entry. There is a picture of me looking down at Maude in our bathroom. Don't focus on me but notice the towel rack to the left, silver shiny thing next to shower door. It doesn't have a towel on it so to the normal eye it might look like something you might could hoist yourself up in the air with. You know after you have been watching the olympics, you might think that. Well, Joshua tried Thursday night right before bedtime to climb the wall and flip hanging on the the towel rack. As much as the towel rack tried to hold the weight of a 52 lb boy it couldn't and ripped off the wall and dropped Joshua onto his elbow and head. He survived no blood and no concussion. He received a deduction for dismount from China though and received silver instead of gold. We hope the next four years of training will help him acheive the gold.


  1. whew...thought that blog was going to be about you driving through the Rosa's drive-thru many times tonight or ordering biti pies.

    Glad to see Joshua gets it from someone. I do remember you doing the same thing at Grandmom's in her back closet. Luckily there were blankets below.

  2. I once tried to hand by my heels from the top of the swing set - like the circus trapeze artists. Needless to say - it doesn't work the same way either. At least Joshua will have a lot of "don't ask me how I know" stories when he is older. Just think how exciting his life is going to be in story! :)
    (glad he wasn't injured! too bad about the silver though... i know he was shooting for gold!)

  3. hahaha I have been looking foward to this blog since your previous blog about what they might do...that's good stuff!