Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Aidan thought it was cool to be the oldest one in the school this year. He is helping out with the little ones. He said "It was hard to tell the kindergarteners apart from all the 1st graders, they were all so little." Joshua loves his teacher and his class, it was worth the long wait. Today when I went to pick him up he waited until all the kids left and then went up to hug his teacher. He really likes her. She sure is sweet. Maude was beside herself with excitement! She wanted to dress really nice because she would need to be a big helper today. There would be a lot of young kids there today that didn't know were everything was so she would need to help.


  1. I love your blog i started one. but i am a little confused on how to do it. we will have to get together so you can show me. Cara

  2. I love to catch up with you guys when I read your blogspot.(very seldom). I really don't care to be on the computer. Nelson started 7th grade--while you're starting soccer with Joshua and Maude we are starting school football. Nelson is excited. He is going to be on the "A" team because his name is listed first in the position that they have him in--(I didn't mention that it might be in alphabtical order). They will have 4 teams. There are a total of 150 kids and they all play. Taryn's into putting a temporary color in her hair. It does look nice, but I can't hardly stand that she is "old enough". Ranie is back in Lubbock. She really enjoys school. She thinks she is going to be a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist.