Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend away

So we ran off to Waco for opening game last night. I was kind of nervous not knowing what to expect after leaving last year on such a high note. So glad they played well :)

In true Culwell fashion we had a memorable weekend... Joshua ate in and out burger before the game, funnel cake, corn dog, lemon ice and chuys for dinner. Only to see it all again in the hotel bathroom. There is such a thing as over eating. He is constantly hungry these days so this typically would not be a abnormal undertaking for him but spice of chuys got him. Cody slept with him. Which meant I had Maude the tumbler in bed!! Only to have Aidan join us at 2 am because he was frozen. So I 'slept' on my 6 inches of the bed in between Maude moaning and sniffling and coughing all night. She has ran fever the whole way home. So normal right? This is how the rest of you travel right??

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