Sunday, September 23, 2012

True love

In a moment like this you see true love and concern. Aidan was so concerned and sad for his brother. Joshua got hit on the hand while running the ball with a facemask/helmet in yesterday's game. He will have more X-rays on Monday to determine if the metacarpal is fractured. He was sad and hurt rolled into one. I shed a few tears for him on the way home because he just stared out the window saying 'it's only my 2nd game!' This boy has so much heart for everything he does and he has waited a long year to finally get to play. Praying for the best for him! Love that blue eyed boy!!

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  1. Update metacarpal is fractured. He is one determined child and continues to play with brace. Even though his Mother is not happy about it. His hand is a nice shade of the rainbow and still swollen.