Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school

Typical Culwell start Aidan and Maude were prepared yesterday. Backpacks were laying at the end of their beds and clothes were already picked out. They both were up as soon as they heard me say time to get up. Both of them were too nervous/excited to eat breakfast. Joshua was last to get up, rolled out of bed went and ate a CRAZY mess. Then as we stepped outstide to take first day of school picture he looked at Aidan and Maude and said "Oh I need a backpack" then reached behind the backdoor to unload his backpack from the last day of school last year. Walked out with it unzipped and holding a football. Dropped Aidan off at MIDDLE SCHOOL!! When he got out I said "you have your schedule right?" His eyes said it all. So quick call to Dad to run it up the street. While I dropped off the other two I was looking for a place to park and asking Maude if she knew where they were going, when Joshua said "I got this Mom, Maude just come with me and I will show you were to go." Maude said "Ok Mom just drop us off at the door." And somewhere in the midst of crazy morning traffic and not so awake I actually let him take her!!!! What was I thinking?
3rd, 4th and 6th

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