Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last week Aidan and Joshua were playing football in the field behind our house. They do this on a daily bases! Aidan tackled Joshua and knocked a baby tooth very loose. On Sunday night it came out with a little help from dad.
Last Friday night we were eating dinner with my parents and Aidan said he had something stuck in his tooth. So like any typical boy he chewed on his straw and stuck it up there to get it out. On Saturday night he woke up in terrible pain!! Apparently he had a cavity in that tooth. I couldn't get him into the dentist till today. It was abscessed and had to be removed! So the tooth fairy will make a trip twice to the Culwell house this week and it is only TUESDAY! When I went in to his room he had written a note to her in very tiny lettering.
Dear tooth fairy,
Can you leave me 20 dollars?
Your friend, Aidan

Did we do it??

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  1. If so I may be moving in with y'all and pulling my teeth out. Adult teeth have to be worth more than baby teeth