Monday, November 9, 2009

sick :(

Aidan was sick last weekend with croup and missed his first day of school on Monday. He even felt bad enough it didn't bug him to miss school. Then Friday morning Maude was sent home from school with a cough and looking really bad! She wasn't running fever but her teacher and school nurse both agreed she didn't look good. I thought she probably had croup but with her asthma she would need steroids and breathing treatments. So I ran up to the clinic to get some prescriptions. By the time we got there she was running 102 and it wasn't croup. She had the SWINE FLU. We ran to the pharmacy to pick up tamiflu and Motrin. She went from looking bad to sleeping and moaning in a matter of an hour. :( Thankfully she is doing really well 4 days later! Saturday night in Joshua's loving brotherly advice he told her she better hurry and get well, people die from the swine flu. Thankfully she didn't listen to him just brushed it off to big brother being a toot.

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