Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wasp and Bees

I know shocking two post in one day. Who knew Joshua would set a record for stings in 7 years. 1st was a wasp sting on the hand at a family reunion a few years ago. 2nd was at baseball practice stung by a bee. 3rd was on the top of his head again at family reunion (bad luck at John and Lucy's). Today he was stung 4 times on the back of his leg while walking home. Stinger was stuck in his skin and apparently hurt when I put a bag of ice on it! The scream was probably heard clearly around Canadian. We ran over to the clinic to have it removed. (not a normal procedure for a clinic but I couldn't find my tweezers!!) I have been stung once in my life, Cody NEVER and my dad numerous times. Hmmmmmm who have we always thought he takes after? By the way Joshua isn't 7 yet, he turns 7 Sunday!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Josh! Have a great one!
    Love the Leathermans!