Monday, June 8, 2009

Focus on the View...

My new motto for a little bit anyway. I would be lying if I said it hasn't been hard. I would be lying if I said I haven't cried. So in the midst of it all I have seen the silver lining in it all. Which is pretty much me in a nut shell always searching for the good in whatever hand you are dealt. So here it is...
I am focusing on the beauty of God I get to see each day as I back out of my drive.(which is on a hill, everything here is on a hill not fair to those of us who are running!hmm Amanda!)

Funny things we have heard unpacking.
Maude "Why are there so many pictures of the boys and not me?"
Joshua "Why can't we climb the boxes or close each other in them?"
Aidan "Keep out of MY room!" He now has his own room.
Maude "People here are real nice they keep bringing us food."
Mom "Turn that water off that is the neighbors yard not ours!"as a river runs down the side of the house.
Aidan "Mom they packed an empty box."
Kids "Can we make s'mores?" it kind of feels very cabinish...


  1. It looks like a really great place to live. The boys will love living in the country.

  2. Your view is amazing. I really got to know Mizzou's offensive line coach last weekend at football camp--he told me he thinks Canadian is BEAUTIFUL and has told his wife that's where he wants to retire. He grew up in western Oklahoma and play football at OSU. He has recruited the panhandle in the past and currently still does for Mizzou--he LOVES the area. He is honestly the first person I have ever heard wanting to retire in Canadian. Moving is tough--it will get better!!! And get to taking pics of that precious little girl!

  3. Just call - we'll bring the s'mores!