Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The past month has been a whirlwind of emotions and travel. There have been so many things that the kids have said that have been really funny and I have thought oh I have to blog that... And here we are my brain is completely fried and I can't remember a thing including my new phone numbers and address. I filled up the car today and it asked for my zip and my mind just stood still for minutes thinking of all the zip codes we have lived in. This past week we drove to Dallas for my baby cousin's wedding and the next morning we flew out for Walt Disney World with all of my family. We had a great time it was a little warm but the lines weren't too bad. The kids enjoyed having cousins and grandparents there to do everything with. Maude rode everything she was tall enough to ride and cried about things she wasn't tall enough to do. Joshua was chosen to be trained as a Jedi (that is all we need is him thinking he is a real Jedi). He got to go on stage and fight Darth Vader. Aidan wanted to do every ride that was the craziest and scariest. What a great new age! Here are a few of the pictures. I will try my hardest to remember some of the funny things.