Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So from my last blog were there any of you that thought 'What are the chances of the Culwell's sledding and playing in the snow without getting hurt?" Sunday afternoon we sledded at Jackson park we took a friend of Joshua's with us. They were doing great, until Aidan had a little mental lapse... Joshua was walking up the hill and Aidan wanted to go down that path he kept yelling for Joshua to move. When Joshua wouldn't being the typical MEAN brother, Aidan took off towards Joshua's legs. He knocked the legs out from under him and flipped him in the air! They survived and were fine. We came home and the boys hadn't had enough so they went to our alley hill behind our house. They built a ramp out of snow that had been pushed off the road. (By the way right now would be a good time to tell you they had been watching the Xtreme winter sports on ESPN for the past two nights.) I was watching thinking coming off the ramp onto cement is probably not a good idea! They would hit the ramp and then coast 3 or 4 feet into the alley. Safe enough, right? Well, Joshua hit the ramp a little to the right and got really good AIR, flipped and landed on the back of his noggin! He had his hood on (really wishing helmet) but it still cut the back of his head open. This is one of his smaller cuts and just required, his always preferred, dermabond. On the way over to the ER to meet Dad, who by the way didn't even bat a eye or ask what happened, Joshua said "I got higher than anybody else, didn't I?" Blood running down his neck... When we got home and were sitting on the couch Joshua reached up and pulled out a tooth!!
Loving life...

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  1. The life with boys! We have been there and done that! Someone was always at the ER. Life would be dull without them.