Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally good news, kind of...

The results are in! Yeah! Aidan does NOT have Subtalar Coalition. We are happy about that and thank everyone for the prayers our way. However, Aidan has to go back in a boot for another 6 weeks. His ankle has not healed as quickly as we had hoped. He will get a new boot that will help keep weight off the ankle. He also had blood drawn to rule out juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Just to be sure that is not why it is not healing as quick. He cried over not getting to play basketball and having to go back in the boot. He didn't shed a tear over the blood getting drawn. Joshua played in his spot tonight for his basketball team. We thought we weren't going to have enough players, so we had him suit up. He played really well for a 1st grader with 3rd/4th graders, and scored 2 points. They are all super excited about Valentine Parties tomorrow. So life is good in the Culwell House tonight.

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