Saturday, January 9, 2010

Get a cup of coffee it's a long one...

So let's begin on Tuesday...
Tuesday morning I went to get the oil changed on the suburban and my nails done. When I got home I kind of felt funny but nothing bad. Went to pick up the kids did the normal after school homework, snack thing and then started dinner. Cody was on call and had txted me that he would be late. So we went ahead and ate without him. The kids were going to watch a quick episode of Hannah or Icarly or something on Netflix and then bathe and go to bed. Simple evening. When I sat down to watch with them I felt terrible and quickly realized I was going down fast with the stomach bug. Cody walked in about this time. I was off to the bathroom only to come back and ask where the meds were. This is were I thought it was a little interesting. He told me where they were but didn't offer to get them. Didn't really care at the moment... After 3 doses of phengran and a long night about 4:00am I finally was done with throwing up. However 3 doses of phengran I guess make you a little sleepy because I slept till 10:45 Thursday Morning!! So I missed an eventful day by the kids description...
I remember waking up and seeing Maude in front of the mirror brushing her hair Wednesday morning. I asked her where everyone was. Maude said "OH we OVERSLEPT and Daddy said for me to brush my hair and get ready he would be back for me after he took the boys!" Yes Yes the 5 year old was getting herself ready for school. Hair/Crazy Clothes/umm different Necklace and scarf in place and hat. So off they went to school. Also on Wednesday they all 3 had dental appointments in Amarillo and were having to be picked up at noon. So Cody had and extra chore of Mommy duty. So at noon gatorade appeared in the fridge and Cody peeped his head in and asked if I could let the dog in. They made it home safely through the freezing rain that night. And on Thursday made it to school on time. Maude came home coughing her little head off but dressed much better then the day before, however the hair was still not done. So we started her on steroids and breathing treatments. I was up till 2:00 am with her. This was the third night on a twin bed for me and I was beginning to feel it. Also gave me some time to think about how my husband not once came to check on me while I was sick. So the next day (Friday) I asked him if something was wrong. He said "No just didn't want to catch it." Hmmmmmm This is the man who sees sick people for a living!! He walks across a field in the middle of the night to the hospital in 1 degree weather to see people like me!! Maude stayed home with me on Friday and we continued with the breathing treatments and hot showers. I also had her take a bath, which she informed me was her first one since MONDAY! We watched an entire season of Hannah Montana. What say What? Yes I just quoted Miley Cyrus and Maude decided to become an actress. Ahhh Life is good in the Culwell Household.

Side notes.
Joshua when I picked up from school on Thursday: Mommy are you all better?
Me: Yes Joshua I feel much better.
Joshua: Oh good I can hug you again.

Aidan's teacher on Friday said Aidan was a little worried about me being sick and his dad having to take him to his dentist appointment.

Maude's teacher from Maude: Maude did you take anything for your cough today?
Maude: No
Teacher: Is your Mommy still sick?
(Now remember she is an actress now so that might not be real) :)

My husband was very sweet and let me get away for a little girl time this afternoon.

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  1. Never a DULL moment at your house. I guess it could have been worse, Cody could have banished you to the guest quarters or he could have moved out there while you were sick. Glad you are feeling better....and that the kids are clean and matching again. Miss you!