Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ballet and Tap Recital

Maude had her Christmas ballet and tap recital today. Yes a little after Christmas, the auditorium they were using was being finished. She did very well and wasn't as scared as I thought she would be. She received flowers from the family and said it was the best day ever. Yeah for best days!!
Aidan came out of his boot this past week. He is still limping around but my floor is looking better! He has been dragging that thing around marking up the floor!
Joshua has had a pretty typical week. He took my razor in the shower and sliced his thumb a few times. He came in the living room buck naked bleeding but not crying. We asked what happened and he couldn't remember exactly. Luckily no stitches but Cody did say "That has to be the dumbest thing you have ever done." Which made him cry, not that he is bleeding but the words. He is fine and now knows the effects of a razor and hopefully will leave it alone.
By my last post I am sure most of you thought that if Cody came down with the stomach but I would be the last to help. Well, Friday night I walked in the door and Aidan threw up. I had Maude go get Cody to see how much medicine I could give him. When Cody walked in he turned and went to the other bathroom and threw up. So I went to Allsup's and got Gatorade, and stayed up with Aidan. They both woke up feeling fine yesterday morning. Short lived thankfully!!

Have an amazing week, I am sure we will.


  1. She is a pretty girl. Glad she takes after you and not her daddy. :)

  2. Maybe this week you guys will be well. Maude looked so pretty ! I am so glad she had great day.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful. Just another typical day at the Culwell house ;)