Wednesday, August 19, 2009


One thing I have been amazed with is our youth group at church. There are tons of kids all ages. We have a huge high school group that are so sweet to our kids. The high/jr high group took the younger kids to Wellington a few weeks ago and played with them all day. They played freeze tag for hours and bowled, they did whatever the little kids wanted. Maude loves older kids so this has been right up her alley! She climbed the rock wall and got a little scared and one of the high school boys climbed up and carried her down. Well today we were in Alexander's (our sonic) and there was a boy from the youth group ordering. He said hello Maude, she just grinned and then as we were leaving she went up and SLAPPED his hiney!!! I was so shocked and he was too!

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  1. Hahaha....that is hillarious!!! I love your kids so much. Can't wait to see you next Friday!!!