Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, we have hit a new age. I don't know if I am ready for it. We took the kids to VBS the other night. When we walked in there sat 4 girls in the 3rd grade row. All 4 scooted every which way and said "Aidan Aidan sit here." Funny thing is he had no clue. (such his father's child) He has also started wanting to sit with us and listen in on adult conversation and put his two cents in. This has been harder on me than the girl attention.
Aidan has been able to take art lessons from Amy Winton this summer. They had them in the Citadel's art gallery where the Leyendecker art has been on display for the summer. I don't know if he will every realize what a lucky young man he is for getting to experience both. Hopefully he will one day.
(I know this is a shock three post in one day)

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  1. I understand about him trying to listen to adult conversations! Crystal had been doing that for awhile, and it really bugs me!