Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Smart kids

As crazy as our lives are and as nonstop as we go...I am proud of the kids for maintaining their grades and participating in all of it. This is not a brag post it's just a way of having it documented what they did this year. 2011/2012 Maude had all A's this year and was awarded the math and reading award. She also read enough books to earn over 200 AR points. Which passes her brothers.:) Joshua participated in UIL Ready Writing, Spelling and Art Smart He was on the 5th grade Art Smart team and they placed 2nd as a team. Joshua also had all A's for the entire year. Aidan participated in UIL Number sense, Dictionary, spelling and Art Smart Joshua was on Aidan's 5th grade art smart team. Aidan also participated in Robotics and competed at regionals in Amarillo placing 2nd. They advanced to State in Dallas. They were one of the youngest teams there and competed against jr high kids. It was a neat experience. They placed 25th out of 1100 teams. Not too bad. Aidan also finished his last year at Baker elementary. He finished top 10 in his class. I am not ready for middle school!!!

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